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Enterprises are rapidly adopting Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

ActifioGO enables Enterprises to utilize SaaS for backup and recovery of VMware VMs directly to Google Cloud Platform. Enterprises can eliminate on-premises backup storage, reduce operational burden by 50%, and take advantage of the scalability and TCO benefits of cloud object storage (Nearline/Coldline).

This webinar will provide an overview of ActifioGO and how Enterprises can transform data protection via the strong partnership between Actifio and Google Cloud Platform.


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 This webinar is being delivered by Jason Brown, Director of Product Marketing, Actifio.  

He has spent over 15 years in a variety of engineering, product management, and product marketing roles at companies focused on storage and data protection. He spends his time evangelizing the benefits of a modern data protection strategy, how the cloud can enhance disaster recovery, and how data automation can significantly improve dev and test workflows