Crush Your Application Release Cycles: Get 5 Quarters in a Year

Accelerating Application Development with DevOps & Copy Data Virtualization

Crush Your Development Cycles: Get 5 Quarters in a Year

Jay Lyman, Research Manager at 451
Chandra Reddy, VP of Product Marketing, Actifio

This webinar hosted by 451 and Actifio explores some of the most pressing issues in the world of application development, including test data management. We will discuss challenges facing teams moving towards a DevOps model and how new approaches and technologies such as Copy Data Virtualization can help:

  • Accelerate release cycles by drastically reducing test data provisioning, enabling faster time to market 
  • Free test and development teams from the constraints of siloed infrastructure and processes with self-serve access to test data 
  • Release higher-quality code by testing through the dev cycle against real, current, high-fidelity production data that is masked according to business requirements

In addition, we'll identify drivers and challenges of enterprise DevOps and discuss where the enterprise market stands with this new trend.

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