Learn How Actifio Delivers Unprecedented Data Control for the Enterprise

A series of high-profile data breaches has made data control among the most talked about issues in the enterprise. Keeping enterprise data both safe and accessible is a complex balancing act made all the more difficult by the geometric growth rate of production data.

Actifio is a next-gen data management model designed from the ground up to protect, access, and move data through it’s full lifecycle, and not just for the short time it lives in production.

 This solution brief outlines: 


  • How organizations can overcome the many challenges they face around data control, including business disruption, reputational risk, and governance and compliance, among others

  • Enterprise best practice examples on how enterprises have successfully implemented data virtualization, reduced the complexity of their physical infrastructure, and increased their level of control over their most valuable data

  • How Actifio’s Copy Data Virtualization platform delivers a competitive advantage around data control in record time and with enhanced safety

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