Learn How Actifio Accelerates DevOps with Copy Data Management

Providing the needed data for application development and testing is a huge headache for most organizations. The problems are often the same across companies - speed, quality, cost, and control. 

Actifio enables near instant access to data and solves the core problems of quality, speed, cost, and control.

 This white paper outlines how Actifio: 

Actifio for DevOps

  • Accelerates DevOps by providing virtual copies of data for distributed development and testing environments.
  • Improves quality by providing automated refresh of data without impacting production.
  • Solves the speed issue through near instant access to data.
  • Drives costs down by slashing the infrastructure required for development and test.
  • Increases control by automating the data masking and enabling rules based self-service.

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