Learn About the Power and Potential of Data Protection in Google's Cloud Platform

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Google Cloud Backup

Google Cloud offers a high performance infrastructure-as-a-service solution for enterprise applications of all types. Delivering the ability to drive increased flexibility, agility and scalability to these application environments, Google Cloud provides on-demand compute scalability and the ability to instantly provision and grow HDD or SSD storage.  

As businesses move to Google Cloud, they need to think how they can optimize data protection.

In this whitepaper, you'll learn about:

  • Scalable and efficient incremental forever data protection in GCPgoogle cloud platform
  • Instant recovery for all data including 50+ TB databases or file systems
  • Long Term Data Retention (months, years, decades) in Google Cloud object storage for compliance and other reasons
  • Instant rewind and recovery capability from backups stored in Google Cloud Storage in both persistent disk as well as nearline / coldline object storage
  • Lowering  TCO  in Google Cloud
    Learn how to automate data protection inside of GCE.  
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