Common Gaps in Data Control: Identifying, Quantifying, and Solving Them Using Best Practices

IDC conducted an in-depth study in conjunction with Actifio exploring ways organizations treat the issue of data control and the common vulnerabilities that often go unaddressed. The results may be surprising.idc_data_control_cover.jpg

Research indicates that the median number of copies made of critical databases and file systems is 13. While having 13 copies of data may ensure that the data can be recovered, too few IT organizations address the flip side. Each repository is vulnerable to inadvertent exposure of sensitive data or outright nefarious attempts to access the data.

That is, the more data an organization manages, the higher the risk of a data breach they face.

 This white paper explores the following questions: 

  • How pervasive is the copy data access problem?
  • At what point in the data life cycle is sensitive data most vulnerable to accidental disclosure?
  • Are data managers aware of the copy data access problem, and how many follow best practices to deal with it?
  • Who is responsible for dealing with the copy data access problem in most organizations?

Download this white paper now to learn more and find out the answers to these, and other questions.

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