A modern approach to data backup and recovery, anywhere in the public cloud like Azure

In a perfect world you could:

  1. Recover an 18 TB database in less than 10 minutes
  2. Eliminate recurring full backups for even 50TB sized databases
  3. Provision 10 clones of a 5 TB database, self-service, in less than 10 minutes

Think these are only a dream?  You can do it today!  Access this solution brief to learn how!

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Here is what a DBA  from a $30B+ retail organization posted in Gartner peer insights:

This tool works really well with large databases 5-20TB+. Start there. You save more on storage out of the gate and can reuse the storage to rollout additional databases for protection. Advice to others would be to not focus on a single use case, but focus on an entire enterprise data management strategy.