Learn How to Migrate from Oracle UNIX to Linux

Most enterprises want to break free from proprietary UNIX platforms and use Linux platforms in order to take advantage of the lower costs of infrastructure, abundance of Linux experts, and the speed of cloud platform.

Before migration can happen, organizations want to conduct exhaustive tests on copies of production Oracle DB in Linux test environments with respect to functionality, security, performance, scalability, UAT.

What if there were a simple, easy, low cost way to create many staging test environments on premises or in AWS cloud? Now there is.

 This white paper outlines: 

migrate oracle UNIX to Linux

  • The typical process and challenges in enterprise platform migrations
  • How Actifio’s Copy Data Virtualization platform works for test data management and platform migration
  • The Oracle Platforms supported by Actifio
  • The benefits of using Actifio for migrating to Linux, including minimal impact on production databases, low costs, increased automation, speed, and cloud mobility
  • The Post Migration process

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