Rapid database provisioning in minutes anywhere for testing multi-TB SQL databases

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Managing large SQL data sets for test data management can be a headache! 

In a perfect world you could:

  • Provision 10 clones of a 5TB SQL database, with self-service, in less than 10 minutes.
  • Test multi-TB SQL databases in parallel to  improve the quality and time to market.
  • Reduce storage and operational costs associated with provisioning multiple large SQL databases.

We made a quick solution brief on how Actifio helps.  Fill out the form to learn how you can provision dozens of multi-TB SQL databases in minutes!


Here is what a Director of IT from a $1B transportation  organization posted in Gartner peer insights:

“We are leveraging Actifio to do data copy virtualization of a 30+TB database for User Acceptance Testing. It has reduced our manual labor significantly. What used to take us days now takes hours... The product has made the refreshing of our UAT environments easy and painless. We have automated the process fully and has allowed us to give our users self service. We have removed the need to use DBAs for this process and move them on to more important tasks.”

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