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Enterprises are rapidly adopting object storage technologies from core storage vendors and cloud providers like Amazon, Microsoft and Google.  Ideally, enterprises would like to use object storage for backup and recovery due to the TCO benefits associated with this storage tier. 

In this webinar you will learn about: 
- What object storage is and the various flavors that providers offer. 
- Challenges and benefits associated with traditional backup and recovery to object storage. 
- How you can achieve great performance and TCO by leveraging object storage for backup and recovery with Actifio.

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This Webinar will be delivered by Jason Brown of Actifio and Shahin Pirooz of DataEndure

 - Jason Brown is part of the product team at Actifio. He has spent over 15 years in a variety of engineering, product management, and product marketing roles at companies focused on storage and data protection. He spends his time evangelizing the benefits of a modern data protection strategy, how the cloud can enhance disaster recovery, and how data automation can significantly improve dev and test workflows. 

 - Shahin Pirooz has spent more than 2 decades leading technology teams and is the current CTO and CISO at DataEndure, a technology integrator and MSSP. He joined DataEndure in 2016 to further build out its digital resilience strategy and capabilities, and is responsible for the technology roadmap, security, sales engineering, partner relations and the program office.